Consultants play an important role in economic development. They bring experience and expertise to the many components of development, including planning, cost-benefit analysis, engineering and design, construction, and financing.

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Johnson-Schmidt & Associates, Architects

With 30 years of experience assisting communities, developers and owners to revitalize downtowns and undertake development projects, Elise Johnson-Schmidt of Johnson-Schmidt & Associates, Architects, understands how important it is to fully evaluate the financial viability and funding options that exist prior to commencing projects. This experienced team works on projects statewide to evaluate, design projects and meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation, in order to qualify projects for HISTORIC PRESERVATION TAX CREDITS for their clients. 100% successful in obtaining tax credits, this 40% of construction cost tax credit (20% Federal/20% State) for qualified reimbursable expenses (QRE’s) often makes the difference between financially viable and not viable. Communities such as Corning, where Elise has helped guide its revitalization and led the movement to develop upper floors, have become vibrant once again, due to this presence of people living downtown – and the businesses that have evolved which support this residential component of downtown.

Historic Preservation Tax Credits require a thorough understanding of how to appropriately rehab a project and Johnson-Schmidt & Associates has a proven track record of providing this assistance and design to meet these requirements for approval by the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, as well as creating historic districts, required for properties to be able to take advantage of historic tax credits.