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Strong Museum of Play


Strong Museum of PlayThe Strong National Museum of Play is now the second largest children's museum in the country after construction of a 104,000 sq. feet addition. This project was accompanied by the renovation of 38,000 sq. feet of existing museum space.

Project Need (problem)

High energy prices can be a barrier for a business looking to expand. The Strong National Museum of Play was out of space and was looking to add a gallery, gift shop, and office space, as well as a butterfly and greenhouse exhibit. The Strong Museum also wanted to achieve certification with the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) program.

Project Solution

To reduce long term costs and emphasize an environmentally friendly design, the Strong Museum renovated 38,000 sq. feet of existing space and used efficient design features for the 104,000 sq. feet of new space. NYSERDA provided an incentive of $400,000 to offset the incremental cost associated with implementing recommended energy improvements and $40,000 for the cost of participating in the LEED certification process. Among other improvements, a high albedo roof, cogeneration system, high efficiency lighting, window glazing, and insulation were all used to upgrade the building. These upgrades result in an annual energy cost savings of $76,266.