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The New York State Economic Development Council

The New York State Economic Development Council is the state's principal organization representing economic development professionals. Our more than 900 members include the leadership of Industrial Development Agencies and Local Development Corporations, commercial and investment banks, underwriters, bond counsels, utilities, chambers of commerce, higher education institutions, and private corporations. 

The purpose of NYSEDC is to promote the economic development of the state and its communities, to encourage sound practices in the conduct of regional and statewide development programs, and to develop education programs that enhance the professional development skills of our members. 

NYSEDC has been serving New York's development professionals for more than 30 years. Our Board of Directors and members represent the highest standards of the profession and have unparalleled experience and expertise working with state and local economic development programs. 

What We Do 

NYSEDC provides numerous benefits to member organizations and development professionalsincluding: 

  • Lobbying state and federal government on issues affecting New York's business climate and economic development programs. 

  • Conducting educational and professional development programs to help members enhance their effectiveness as localregional, or statewide economic developers. 

  • Organizing business marketing programs to promote New York as a world-class business location and to provide opportunities for NYSEDC members to market their regions of the state to potential business investors. 

  • Keeping our members updated on laws, executive orders, new projects, and proposed legislation through social media, digital content, and exclusive members-only emails. 

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