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New York Semiconductor Asset Map

New York State Semiconductor Asset Map

Four questionnaires have been prepared and are available through the links below.  Each is specific to four kinds of organizations, assets, or functions within the semiconductor sector:

     1 – Companies 

     2 -  Property  

     3 -  Research & Development 

     4 -  Workforce Development 

We invite you to click on the appropriate links  to take our survey. 

The information that you provide will be used to populate the NY Loves Nano Asset Map and/or other data visualizations.

Companies - Are you a New York company providing products or services in the semiconductor industry? Tell us more about your firm.
Available Properties - Are you in economic development (local, regional, or IDA) in New York State? Do you have unique property assets that you want  to promote for companies in the semiconductor sector? If you have large industrial sites for development or existing industrial buildings with large utility services, or lab space, or clean room facilities, tell us more about these special assets.

Workforce Development - Is your organization responsible for workforce development functions somewhere in New York State? Are you specifically training or retraining personnel in occupations relevant to the semiconductor research, manufacturing, construction, or facitilites sectors? Tell us more about your public, academic, or private organization. Take the survey.
Does your organization conduct academic or private/corporate research in pure or applied fields relevant to semiconductor/ nanotech industries? Tell us more about your capabilities. Take the survey.

Any questions regarding this study and survey may be directed to