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The New York State Economic Development Council (NYSEDC) has witnessed a shift in economic development leadership, with more than 20 organizations appointing female leaders at the local level. Additionally, women in entry-level and middle management positions in economic development organizations has risen drastically, the first step to a long career path in economic development.  While we have also seen an increase in diversity amongst economic development leadership, still remains much work to be done to engage more in the economic development process.
To meet the growing professional needs of the economic development community, the NYSEDC is launching the NYSEDC Women’s Leadership and Diversity Council (WLDC), a program designed to promote the role of women and minorities in the economic development field in New York State (NYS) and provide participants with the tools and skills for active leadership roles in their communities. In its first year, the WLDC  will develop guidelines and implement a mentorship program, create networking opportunities focusing on technical assistance, professional development, and societal challenges programming.  
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Linda J. Hill  Women's Leadership and Diversity Council Scholarship Program

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